Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort

A noble escape in a Georgian-style Greathouse setting. Sandals Royal Caribbean, because you deserve the royal treatment. Request a quote or just give us a call at: 1-800-627-8468.

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The moment you step through the impressive portals of Sandals Royal Caribbean’s Georgian-style Great House, you know that you have entered a long-forgotten era of gentility, elegance and old-world, British Colonial splendor. Feel all your modern-day cares dissolve as you experience the rich mahogany woods, scintillating chandeliers, soaring colonnades and sumptuous, impeccable service that declare this place to be a throwback to an age of remarkable luxury and unimaginable romance

Just offshore, in the impossibly aquamarine waters of the Caribbean, lies a gorgeous private island that gives you, in essence, two resorts for the price of one. This exotic Eden has something to enrapture even the most demanding tastes—ultra-secluded sunbathing areas, an inviting pool with swim-up bar, plus an authentic Thai restaurant with delectable dishes that whet more than just your appetite. So climb aboard the Dragon Boat and be ferried to your own private kingdom—a place where fantasies are meant to come true.

At Sandals Royal Caribbean we invite you to lay claim to your rightful heritage and live like royalty. Sip exotic tropical concoctions as you recline poolside. Gaze at the remarkable sapphire sea from a secluded cove. Challenge newfound friends to a game of backgammon or chess at our gorgeous custom-made tables. Tone your body and awaken your spirit with a seemingly endless menu of first-class sporting activities on land and sea. Revel in the peace of a stunning sunrise or sunset. Or dance the night away under the star-filled skies. Do as much as you wish or as little as you please—because in this realm, you rule.

Sample fare fit for a king and queen. Choose from a stunning array of 11 gourmet dining establishments (4 onsite, and 7 at neighboring Sandals). Partake of delicacies designed to tempt your palate and tantalize your senses, with expertly prepared cuisines from around the world. Be served breakfast in bed, in every room category, with our complements. Or indulge in the age-old and very tasty British ritual of afternoon high tea. Whatever your tastes, Sandals Royal Caribbean is sure to satisfy.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Let Sandals Royal Caribbean transport you to a more civilized time and place. To be here is to open wide the doors to the past and experience for yourself a standard of living that time long ago forgot.