Sandals Whitehouse Resort

Sandals Whitehouse: Whitehouse is as alluring as it is rich in the history, distinctive culture and creative fare that makes Jamaica’s south coast the next hit vacation spot. Home to the newest 360 room Sandals Whitehouse resort, Whitehouse is a flashback to Jamaica’s colonial past, as it is the setting for what’s hot in Caribbean vacation getaways.
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Ever dream of a place completely unspoiled by the ravages of time? A place where the alabaster-white sand beaches bear no footprints and the lush greenery and richly colored flowering vines scent the air itself with the purest of perfumes? If so, Sandals Whitehouse is your dream come true. Amidst 500 acres of a nature preserve, sits 50 acres of the most pristine and gorgeous landscape you’re ever likely to find, replete with two beaches spanning over two miles! Here Sandals has created our newest resort an ultra-luxurious testament to Jamaica’s storied past, as well as a stunning tribute to the glories of Europe.

Gaze out at the rippling, aquamarine turquoise waters of the Caribbean from your own gorgeous room or suite. Savor the best sleep of your life in gleaming mahogany four-poster beds, testaments to the colonial luxury that makes up the heritage of this exotic land. Listen to the whispers of times past, carried on gentle sea breezes and the hypnotic song of the waves. Walk through gardens bursting with vivid shades of purple, pink and orange. Be the first to kiss beneath a palm that has stood for centuries waiting just for you. Bask in the supreme comfort of service born of a more genteel time—an ever-attentive presence, warmer than the tropical sun.

Stroll through an Italian piazza as you explore three distinct European villages—French, Italian and Dutch—that have been created solely for your pleasure with fine dining, duty free shops and formal gardens. Revel in the delicate style of French architecture as you sample Italian pizza and decide whether to indulge in some authentic Dutch chocolate before heading back out to take a dip in the unmatched turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Here there are absolutely no borders to cross and no boundaries to overcome—there are no limits to your joy and our commitment to satisfy your heart’s every desire.

Delight your palate with 7 glorious gourmet restaurants each designed to take your senses on an unprecedented tour of the globe. Uncover a new realm of epicurean ecstasy where our Master Chefs cater to your taste buds’ every whim and where candlelit tables for two, sumptuous décor and ultra-romantic settings awaken more than just a longing for dessert.

In this miraculously undiscovered spot, Sandals provides an array of amenities, activities and features that is simply second to none. Every imaginable sport on land and sea appeals to the action-lover in us all, with choices as varied as tennis and basketball or sailing and scuba diving. Keep your muscles toned and your heart rate pumping with a visit to our state-of-the-art fitness center. Or wind down and pamper yourself royally with a revitalizing treatment at our full-service European spa. If rest and relaxation are more along the lines of your ideal vacation fun, then claim a prime spot next to one of our three expansive pools, close your eyes and sip on a tropical elixir—made from an ancient secret recipe and filled with only premium spirits— guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips. Or, look within and taste inner peace as you spend some precious time in our one-of-a-kind Roman meditation lanai.

In the very middle of one of the most beautiful and untouched sites on the planet, Sandals has created a resort of unbelievable opulence and perfection. At Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa delve into the best of the Old World and the New World as you discover heaven itself right here on earth. In this place that time itself forgot, you will forget time and discover memories that are ultimately unforgettable.